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Android and iOS Animation apps: Free and Paid

Let’s go into flashback. Imagine yourself sitting in front of the television, watching your favorite cartoons. Do you remember how fascinated they made you feel? Well, those cartoons were animated videos of wonderful fictional characters. 

The sense of magic and mystery in animation automatically pulls you in! You already know how fun it is to watch animated videos. But what if you could create them yourself? Being a professional animator is not necessary to experiment with animations. 

Different animation apps available in the market can help you bring your favorite fictional characters to life! How? Well, continue reading to explore this amazing art with us.

All about Animation!

Don’t know where to begin? Let’s start with the basics.

Animation is the art of putting life into pictures through the illusion of movement. It’s one of the most fascinating mediums to tell stories!

How does animation work? 

Your eyes can only hold an image for approx. 1/10 of a second. When you see numerous images with slight changes in fast succession, your brain converges them into a single moving image. This concept, called persistence of vision, is the backbone of animation!

Earlier, animators created pictures on transparent celluloid sheets that were photographed later. This is how old cartoons were made. Now, computer-generated imagery (CGI) has taken over!

Frame rate is the most important element in animation. It refers to the number of images that appear every second. The more the number of images display, the smoother their motion looks!

Do you know how animation started?

Animation is all about telling a story, right? 

People used motion to tell stories even before animation came into existence. They used techniques like shadow puppetry, the magic lantern, and image projectors. People knew the art of drawing sequential pictures before. But the trick to show them in a fast motion came into existence with the stroboscopic disc in 1833. This is how the concept of animation appeared!

Later, other methods of animation showed up, like zoetrope in 1866, flipbooks in 1868, and praxinoscope in 1877. However, the first official animation was only possible with the invention of the film strip. 

 Since then, the field of animation has evolved beyond our imagination!

Types of Animation 

Following are the types of animation you might have experienced!

  • 2D Animation

Traditional 2D animation involves hand-drawing each frame individually. This kind of animation takes up a lot of time and cost. That is why people came up with other modern methods.

2d animation software enables animators to create vector-based images. Although these images are still drawn frame by frame, the software allows animators to make the process faster by using character rigs. Character rigs give you the option of moving the body parts of a character. This way, you can show minor movements without having to draw the whole image again.

  • 3D Animation

This animation uses the power of computer-generated imagery. 3D Animators only have to focus on movements and leave the creation of images to the computer. The computer automatically draws the images after animators input all the angles and movements.

  • Motion Graphics

This kind of animation doesn’t involve storytelling!

Motion graphics is the art of moving graphic elements, like shapes and text, rather than characters. You see this kind of animation in television promotions, explainer videos, and animated logos.

  • Stop Motion

Stop motion refers to the sequential photography of real-life objects. The artist captures an object and then moves it very slightly for the next photograph. This process is repeated to create a complete scene. You may call it a flipbook of photographs. Sounds much more organic and appealing, right?

Android & iOS Animation Apps (Free & Paid)

Don’t worry if you are a beginner! The following apps will make you fall in love with the art of animation instantly. 

  1. Adobe Animate (Paid – iOS)

This is the best option for you to start as a beginner! Why? Because it’s packed with a lot of interesting & easy-to-use features. Even though it’s paid, you can experience a free trial just to be sure. 

 Use this app to create vector graphics appropriate for websites, TV series, web applications, game development, and much more! However, this app might not appeal you as a professional. Its capabilities are limited in comparison to more advanced apps.

  1. Animation Desk (Paid – Android+iOS)

Prefer the old-school ways? Animation Desk Classic is just like a sketchbook! You can draw on your screen using any medium, from fountain pens to crayons and pencils. Pressure Sensitivity offered by this app makes it a must-try for all artists out there! Plus, you can work with precision by adjusting the opacity and size of your brush strokes.

  1. Motion Book (Free – iOS)

Want to experience the traditional flipbook animation for free? Try out this app now! Let me tell you this app might look and feel basic at first. But the more you explore, the more features you will unravel! You can create pixel-perfect images using an ink pen, marker, pencil, paintbrush, and erasers. Plus, it also allows speedy tweaks to boost your workflow. 

  1. FlipaCartoon (Free – Andorid+iOS)

Obsessed with cartoons? If yes, this is the app you want! It offers you all the modern features of animation without compromising on that traditional vibe. How? Well, it allows you to create cartoons from your own sketches like a flipbook. You can build videos using three free animation layers. Their onion skinning feature enables you to work with multiple frames. 

Final Words

Animation is an art that fascinates all, from excited kids to curious adults. 

Giving the spirit of life to fictional characters or objects feels truly magical. In fact, this technique is an integral part of most marketing plans today. Plus, it’s undoubtedly a profitable skill to have in current times. Hence, you should definitely try your hand at the animation at least once. 

This blog covers the basics of animations for all the beginners out there. With the apps mentioned here, you can create enchanting videos and powerful characters! Choose an app based on your preferences and begin animating your hearts out!