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The Top Scrabble & Boggle Games For the End of The Year

We’re almost at the end of the year, and given that I love word games, I thought it would be a good time to look back and find the best word games you can play on your phone. I have played almost every type of word game imaginable. From the classic Scrabble and Boggle board games to the more modern Wordscapes, Scrabble Online, Word Chums, Boggle Online and more, I simply can’t resist a good word scrabble puzzle. So, I flexed my word solving muscles and began a search for the best scrabble and boggle games to close off 2018. After looking through various sites, I found a handy list of the top 10 scrabble and boggle games on a site called AppGrooves.

Best 10 List of Scrabble & Boggle Games by AppGrooves

While I instantly recognized some of the games, there were others I hadn’t heard about. So, I tested the games on their list to select the best of the best. It was a tough call, as several of the games were really great, but after careful selection, I narrowed down my top 3 favorites and reviewed them.

Word Connect – Rating: 4.7, Downloads: 10M+

My first pick is Word Connect. I really loved this game as the difficulty level slowly increases as you advance through the game, so you always have an interesting and slightly more challenging puzzle to look forward to. Supposedly there are more than 2,500 puzzles, which I certainly won’t complain about, as it basically means unlimited fun! I also liked that there is no time limit, so you can focus on solving words without the added pressure. Another plus I found is that you can try your hand at daily bonuses and challenges. The personalized themes also add a really nice touch to the gaming experience.

I did find that as the levels increase, word difficulty also increases. So, don’t be surprised if you come across an obscure word in the more advanced levels. Thankfully the developers included a Scrabble dictionary tool, which I found to be really useful for quickly looking up the meaning of words I didn’t know.

Pros: Over 2,500 levels, progressive difficulty, no time limit, daily bonuses and challenges, personalized themes, dictionary tool.

Cons: More advanced levels have difficult or obscure words.

Overall: Put your word skills to the test with more than 2,500 scrabble levels, but be prepared to face more difficult words in the higher levels.


Word Chums – Rating: 4.8, Downloads: 1M+

My second pick, Word Chums, is a great choice if you want to challenge your friends or family to a word scrabble game. I found that the developers did a great job at bringing a new twist to the classic scrabble game, by turning it into an online competition between 2-4 players. I quickly found myself playing game after game as I was eager to see my name climb up the worldwide leaderboard. I also liked the fact that your character levels up the more you play and that you earn badges by completing achievements, which made the game even more addicting if that was even possible.

Like Word Connect, I did come across difficult words every now and then. Although there is no way to adjust difficulty level, I liked that you can get in-game hints for help solving the puzzle, or you can use the Word Chums dictionary tool to learn the meaning of the word.

Pros: Multiplayer game, worldwide leaderboard, badges and achievements, in-game hints, dictionary tool.

Cons: No option for adjusting difficulty level, tough words occasionally.

Overall: Challenge your friends to an addicting online scrabble game but know when to use a hint, so you don’t get stuck on the more difficult words.


Words With Friends 2 – Rating: 4.6, Downloads: 5M+

Words With Friends 2 is my third pick. I was already familiar with the original Words with Friends, so I wondered if the second iteration would hold up to the reputation of the original. Thankfully, Words With Friends 2 lived up to the test, and I found myself completely addicted to it within just a few minutes of playing! I particularly liked the variety of new game modes they came up with. My favorite is the Lightning Round, where you play a fast-paced game in teams with other players online. The challenge of solving puzzles quickly to score the most points can be really exciting, especially when you know the other players are doing their best to outmatch you. I also found the Solo Challenge mode to be fun, as you can practice your word solving skills by facing increasingly difficult opponents.

The only drawback I found is that sometimes I would receive a gift box in the middle of a game. Although the momentary interruption can be slightly distracting, it certainly is exciting to open them as you can get fun prizes and boosts to use during the game.

Pros: Solo mode, multiplayer mode, prizes and boosts.

Cons: Gift box notifications mid-game can be distracting.

Overall: Great for playing a variety of fun and challenging scrabble game modes, but you might get interrupted momentarily if you receive a gift box mid-game.


So, these are my top 3 word Scrabble and Boggle games. Although there are many other great word games out there, these are, in my opinion, the crème de la crème. I hope you enjoy playing them as much as I do. Happy word solving!