Smartphones Are Everything

When it comes to our phones, it’s like having a tiny super computer in our pockets. Not only are they cellular phones that can communicate wirelessly across any distance on planet Earth, but they also encompass a litany of other features that sound too good to be true. And, yet, here we are. Our smart phones are just that: smart. They can accomplish so many tasks ranging from vital to trivial, and we can take them anywhere. For example, several pieces of survival gear are obsolete, so long as your phone battery holds up, because these devices have been recreated in the form of smartphone apps. These include flashlights that are built into phones these days, as well as GPS powered maps, and even a compass. These are, of course, not the most used apps on your phone by a long shot, but they’re worth a mention simply because they allow you to carry one small object in place of three objects of varying size. Your phone could save your life someday.

You can also go shopping on your phone. So, for example, you could order a nice dress from  Charlotte Russe from anywhere, and you could even place another order with Amazon within mere moments of the first order. You can also watch movies and TV shows, via Netflix, Hulu, and the like, or your could play video games on the go. You can access music via both streaming via Spotify or stored on the phone itself. Of course, let’s not forget the basic functions of a phone, such as making and receiving calls, or sending and receiving text messages. Your phone is also a calculator, when needed, as well as a calendar. The utility of modern smart phones is nearly endless. Your phone can also be used as one of many places you can access files stored on the cloud for projects both personal and professional.

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