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Happy2Print: Free Mobile Print App


If you’re a minimalist multi-tasker,  you’d probably love a smartphone that is powerful enough to be your decent camera, computer and portable gaming device that you can bring anywhere. But how about letting your smartphone print anywhere? Through HP Everyday Papers’ free mobile print app, you can print directly from your mobile device via WiFi, Bluetooth or USB cable without a computer to virtually any printer. And when they said free, it’s available with full functionally with no n-app purchases necessary.

The Happy2Print app also support Mac or Windows shared printers, Workgroup, Domain and Active Directory and Google Cloud. There’s an easy-to-follow Printer Setup Wizard that will detect your printers automatically, and guide you through the configuration process if needed. You can also share your printers from your Mac or PC via a software from

You can scan directly from your mobile device for available printers. Supported documents are as follows:

– Office documents (DOC, XLS, PPT, PDF, TXT)
– Images and photos
– Emails and attachments
– Web pages
– Calendar, call log, text messages
– Facebook albums
– Files from Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, SugarSync, Skydrive
– Content from business apps via Share option

Good for you if you’ve been using the Happy2Print app, you’ll be safe from a worldwide pandemic related to printing, check out the video below:



Mysterious printing syndrome spreading worldwide

Scientists from the Exploring Centre of Unexplored Phenomena proved yesterday that beyond any reasonable doubt we are facing a threat of a new civilization disease’ pandemic. The governments of the greatest powers in cooperation with the Organization for Healthy World plan to convene a special congress. Meanwhile, doctors ask to keep calm. There is still hope!

As reported by specialists, office workers around the world are in serious danger. No matter whether you work in a corporation at the top of the A New York high rise or in a modest post office in Vladivostok, you too could be threatened by the mysterious printing syndrome. As with each disease, the key to a cure is early diagnosis and prevention. So how do you recognize an upcoming threat?

If you have difficulties establishing a relationship with your office printing equipment, or if your printer jams or simply ignores you and avoids any contact, you should immediately consult a specialist. Disregarding the first symptoms can lead to insomnia, various neuroses, anxiety or plain madness. In a worst case, the results may even lead to running with an axe through the office corridors, which as we all know isn’t welcomed in most corporations. Fortunately, there is hope! World class specialist in the field of paper and printing psychology Dr. Doctor recommends a miraculous cure – a smartphone application called Happy2Print. So if you observe that your office colleagues (or even yourself) have ever thought of printing results with a growing anxiety, this app is perfect for you. From now on you will never again feel rejected by your printer.

Don’t worry, the above story about printing syndrome disease is obviously a joke but the Happy2Print app itself is real. Created by the well-known International Paper Corporation mobile app which will make your office & private life a lot better. If you have any problems with connecting to your printers or you simply want to print faster and easier, Happy2Print will make a difference. With Happy2Print you can print photos, contacts, documents, emails (with attachments) as well as web pages. Many other apps allow you to copy something and paste it to Happy2Print for printing. You can print via wifi, Windows Shared Printers and Google Cloud Print. If you think that you have to send files from your mobile device to your PC to print, you are wrong. Now you can print directly from your smartphone or tablet on any printer without installing any drivers thanks to H2P app! Your paperwork will go smoothly, easily and always on time.

Download Happy2Print app now and be happy!

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