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Compilation: Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Explosion

If you’ve been planning to grab a new smartphone or if someone offers you a very enticing deal which include a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 —-think twice and watch the compilation video above that shows Sammy’s exploding flagship device. The company had already issued massive global recall and have stopped selling the Note 7, however, consumer reaction seemed to say that the “damage has been done”.


On the video, we’ve seen smoking-burnt Note 7 and even report of explosion on an airplane. There’s also a clip on the video that shows a woman with a sudden explosion on her bag, black smoke came out like it was a diffused mini atomic bomb. How about a user dining in and suddenly his Note 7 sizzled in white smoke? Included also in the compilation is Fox’s report about a Jeep burnt while charging a Note 7, where the user told “that he will not let any other Samsung device/s on his home”. Another car was also smoking at the end of the video.

If you’re an owner of the new Note 7, better have it returned and replaced by a new safer device. Safety first, see image below.


Source: YouTube via Lizzy McCain