Best Android Phones, Apps and Tablets

Best Android Phones, Apps and Tablets

Why Instant Play Casino Games Are Better Than Apps on Android

Developing an Android app involves several processes and elaborate planning that come together to form a harmonious whole. It involves lots of brainstorming about the app design, development, then comes the testing and finally you have to deploy the app and make it a successful deployment. There is one way to avoid all of that, and that is to go web-based, something that online casinos have successfully achieved with today’s web development technology like HTML5, JavaScript etc.

In fact, the nature of their business allows them to abandon the idea of using native Android apps for their casino games and go a different and more convenient way. In the past even desktop casino games had to be downloaded, but as web development advanced further, casinos have gone instant-play all the way, which has been reflected in their mobile gaming products as well. Take the Amsterdams casino app as an example, it doesn’t need downloading, installing and doesn’t take up space on your smartphone. You just open the web-based app in your browser which is developed in HTML5 and start spinning.

There is a huge debate over which is better, native or web apps. Obviously, the web apps which offer instant play casino games are far better for the needs of industries like the online casino industry. When you have instant play casino games instead of games that have to be played via a casino app, you save yourself from troubles that arise with clogging your mobile with too many apps. Why do that when you can save space.

This is especially beneficial to players that have very low space memory and slow performing mobiles. You will say that playing instant play casino games in a mobile browser on such mobiles may mean using up much of the RAM memory, but it’s the contrary. Yes, that does happen if you use Google Chrome as the browser. But, if you do that with the Android browser, you get much lower RAM usage. Chrome is great, but it can cumbersome when using it on slower mobile devices. There are also other Internet browsing apps that are very lightweight.

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It’s true that native casino apps are developed essentially and specifically for Android. This means they are developed to be totally compatible with the device’s hardware and native features, but with the advances in today’s web technologies those barriers are slowly being overrun by web apps that offer instant play casino games. You can find an i-depth explanation of this shift at Casino App Kings, a site that compares Apps and instant play casino games.

Nowadays both work and look much the same, with very little differences. In truth both native Android casino apps and web apps that run in mobile browsers have their own set of unique problems. Native casino apps have to be updated constantly, which means taking more space on your mobile device, web apps are updated without the need for user intervention. One thing is clear, online casinos don’t like native apps much. Go here for a list of instant play online casinos.