Best Android Phones, Apps and Tablets

Best Android Phones, Apps and Tablets

An iPhone Running Android

If Kim Kardashian is known to break the internet, Nick Lee has earned himself the title on breaking the norm for Apple devices. Included on his peculiar works, is a Windows 95 on an Apple Watch and now he’s on another wild development of bringing an end to arch-rival —-porting an Android into an iPhone.

However, you need a special, 3D-printed smartphone case to make it work.

Android iPhone Android iPhone


Lee utilize and clone the Android Open Source Project (AOSP) and created a custom version of Android Marshmallow he could integrate on a board —-sounds like an engineering project. No he assembles the board with a battery supply, converter and resistor into a 3D printed casing from Thingiverse. The earlier prototype is quite bulky and you would’ve think it’s a cellphone back in early 2000.

Then, finally the final design has been slimmed down to a size of normal smartphone battery pack case with openings for HDMI, USB ports and SD card slot. On the demonstration above, a white covering was placed on the enclosure to cover the circuit board inside.

The Android iPhone as it may sounds familiar or unfamiliar, Lee was able to complete the boot and integration of the iPhone-to-case by utilizing the Tendigi app where he works as CTO, it’s a mobile design and development studio in Brooklyn.

It’s sure a tedious tasks on completing this work but all-in-all it’s interesting to see a custom open-source version of Android running on Apple’s tightly secured iPhone.