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New features, security and performance of Android N

Android N

Google I/O keynote have just shed some light on its most anticipated Android N features, security and performance improvements. The next major Android update has been previewed early this year but still has scarce details on what would the highlights of the software when it is released. Check out some of the key highlights of the event after the break.


Android N will support Vulkan, it is a 3D graphics and compute API with low overhead, this new API would allow game developers to create better-looking games without sacrificing performance. It will enable the addition of advanced visuals, realistic motion blur, real-time water effects and reflections without significant impact on your device’s hardware.

The Android N compiler also shows a performance increase between 30 and 600 percent on major CPU benchmarks compared to Marshmallow. And through the addition of a new JIT compiler, app installs are 75% faster, all while using 50% less space —-with the overall optimization will improve performance and battery consumption.


The Android N will enforce seamless updates without user interaction and will include file-based encryption for the user’s data security. Processes such as codecs and file extractors are split and protected individually to improve the security of the entire device.


Android N comes with a better recent apps screen and additional multitasking features, many of which we actually got to try in the early Android N preview. There’s a Clear All button that clears all app that haven’t been used in a long time and Quick Switch, with a double-tap on the recent apps button will bring back the last app you were in. Android N will also introduce split screen functionality for both tablets and phones. The improved UI and notification system with useful quick replies to incoming system and you can easily customize and group notifications as well.

Release date

For us it is just the tip of the iceberg, and we still need to wait until later this fall —-however, the beta version is coming really soon. There’ll be more to come, ooh, we haven’t told you about the Daydream, Google’s virtual reality platform.
All this may seem like a lot of stuff, but in actuality, there’s a lot more coming up with Android N. Doze, for example, has been expanded to work when the device is in stand-by, but not stationary, and we haven’t even touched on Daydream – Google’s virtual reality platform.