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Best Android Phones, Apps and Tablets

Top 5 Money Games on Android – September 2015


Are you fond of playing with money but do not wish to gamble with your entire life savings? Are you an aspiring entrepreneur with hopes of dominating the world one day? Then doing it on your mobile phone for fun might be the next best thing. Here we highlight some of the more interesting money-themed Android games today that has caught our attention.


Double Diamond Slot Machine

If you are a gambler, this game is for you. You start with a free 250 credits, and you are off to a virtual version of your favorite 3 reel, 1 payout line slot machine that is reminiscent of good old Las Vegas. Just determine the amount of coins you want to gamble (you can choose Max Bet if you want), and then tap the spin button. Simple and easy to use, this is definitely safer than the real thing. Plus you can do it while you’re in the bathroom.


Landmark Bingo

The app detects the user location to verify whether the game play is allowed in the current user’s location. Hence, the location services on the devices must be ‘on for using this app. For new users, link to registration page is provided in the first screen which you can cross check vipclubcasino for mobile casino games.


25in1 Casino & Sportsbook

If slot machines are not for you, then the 25in1 Casino & Sportsbook game might just do the trick. As the name suggests, you have 25 casino games to choose from here, so the gambler in you will definitely love this. Some of the games included are Texas Casino Poker, Roulette, Blackjack and Baccarat.


Streetfood Tycoon: World Tour

For the aspiring entrepreneurs out there, you can start small (and free) right now with this game. Developed in the Philippines where streetfood is big, Streetfood Tycoon: World Tour, a sequel to the original Streetfood Tycoon, lets you manage your very own foodcart business while travelling the globe at the same time. Many different food types ranging from burgers, noodles, nachos and even refreshments are available for sale in the game, with the money you earn available to be used to to pimp your food carts like mad. Dozens of celebrity customers may also be unlocked throughout the game, if you’re into those sort of thing.


Transport Empire: Steam Tycoon

Another tycoon game, Transport Empire: Steam Tycoon positions you as a budding train entrepreneur in the Victorian era. In the game, you dispatch trains, steamboats, and airships, while at the same time building roads and mines. The goal is to earn the respect and love of the locals as you dominate the country’s transportation sector while at the same time helping everyone develop and be rich. Available for both online and offline mode, with a not-bad storyline and great graphics, you are surely going to enjoy your time playing this game.


Stock Trainer: Virtual Trading

If you are a Warrent Buffet kinda guy, this app might suit you. Instead of readily investing your hard-earned cash into the stock market, try things out first using the Stock Trainer: Virtual Trading app. Created for both new and experienced traders and investors, players are able to try out stock market strategies and techniques before using them in the real world. What’s even better is that the app uses real world market data, which means you can simulate for real the behavior of the market given your progress in the game.