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Best Android Phones, Apps and Tablets

Risk and Reward: 3 Cool Features on the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge


You have to give Samsung credit. When it comes to taking risks with every new generation of its flagship smartphone, the Galaxy, the company is never bashful. While other companies adhere to a model of slow, steady evolution, the Galaxy’s history is defined by wild innovation and risk taking.

The latest iteration, the Galaxy S6 Edge, feels like a culmination of everything Samsung does well. Not only is it one of the sexiest, most technologically stacked phones on the market, it also introduces a whole array of new features. Here are just a handful of the Galaxy S6 Edge’s most impressive features:

The Screen

The most prominent new feature is the two curved edge screens that ingeniously expand the phone’s viewing area to 5.1 inches. But the Edge’s screen does more than improve the phone’s look and feel, it also adds functionality to the device. When your phone is locked, the Edge’s screen acts as your personalized news feed. It displays up-to-date weather, news and sports scores on the fly. And when you receive a call or text, the information scrolls along the edge, saving you from having to unlock your phone every time someone makes contact. What’s even cooler, the Edge has a built-in LED light source that lets you assign individual colors to your favorite contacts.

The Camera

The two cameras on the Galaxy S6 Edge offer budding photographers an almost ludicrous degree of quality and flexibility. The 16 megapixel Auto HDR rear-facing camera lets you take fast, high-quality shots with just a double tap on the home screen. A recent benchmark test by Android Central confirmed that the Galaxy S6 Edge can go from asleep to snapping photos in just 0.7 seconds. That means you’ll never miss the perfect photo opportunity simply because your phone couldn’t wake up in time. Additionally, the cleverly designed front-facing camera features a wide-angle lens, so you can capture a whole group of friends and the entire skyline without the need for a selfie stick. And no matter where you aim the cameras, your photos are sure to look amazing because of the 3.6 million pixel high-definition display. It’s like having a fully functional DSLR camera in the palm of your hand.

The Multitasking Abilities

Past Galaxy models have toyed with the idea of letting users open multiple application windows at once, but the S6 Edge finally made that happen. The extra RAM and dual processing power under the hood means you can view two applications on a single screen as long as the app supports it. If it does, a small double-rectangle icon appears in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. When you tap it, the app relocates to the top half of your screen. On the bottom, you see a stack of apps that also support the multi-window feature. Hold down the multitasking button to send an app to the top of the screen on the fly. With this feature, for the first time, you can compose an e-mail while surfing your music collection on Spotify without having to switch back and forth.