Best Android Phones, Apps and Tablets

Best Android Phones, Apps and Tablets

Best Free Fitness Android Apps of 2015

Quite recently, there has been a surge in popularity in fitness, especially among young professionals and students. A huge reason for this is the ever growing number of smartphone applications for both Android and iOS that do pretty much everything in promoting a healthier you. From running companions, to calorie counters and workout trainers, there is always an app out there to help you get out of the couch and start exercising. Best of all, most of them are free. So here we list some of our favorite and free fitness apps for Android.

Calorie Counter – My Fitness Pal

Ever wondered if you are eating within the prescribed calorie limit for your age and weight? Or if that quarter pound burger is OK to be eaten as your morning snack? The Calorie Counter by My Fitness Pal app might help you with that. Also available in iOS and as a standalone website, the app logs your calories and has a database of more than four million food types across multiple cultures and cuisines all over the world so you accurately note and track your food intake daily. The app also helps you track your weight fluctuations and exercise regimens, and gives users some estimate on what their weight will be like after a few weeks of maintaining their food intake.

NexTrack: Making Exercise Fun

NexTrack, which used to be called Challenges or Nexercise (they have a very confusing branding problem), is a gamified way of losing weight. The app uses rankings, experience points and badges as rewards for users whenever they do workouts. Of course, just like any other game, the point is to level up and beat the other players in the app, which are mostly your Facebook friends. Making weight loss a social game should be a clever way to trick your brain into incorporating exercise and a healthy diet into a habit rather than a chore.

FitNotes Gym Workout Log

Contrary to most fitness apps which try to dictate what you need to do to achieve a certain fitness level, FitNotes does the complete opposite by simply allowing users keep track of what exercises they do. That’s it. It’s free, has no advertising, and has an extensive exercise database to help you properly note your workouts. Custom routines may also be created, making it great for both beginners and seasoned fitness bums.

Nike+ Training Club

Containing over 100 workout videos, the Nike+ Training Club app is a very useful workout companion. With Chromecast capabilities, it enables users of all shapes and sizes to cast the videos and follow the routines at the comfort of your own living room. It also offers some fitness tracking and workout customization features as additional functionalities. For those who are too shy or too uncomfortable with going out for exercise, this app might be very helpful to you.


RunKeeper is one of the very first Android fitness apps to come out, and as such, it has a lot of active users. It is a good running/walking tracker for those who like to do it outdoors. It features creation of running routes, performance tracking, calorie counting, fitness plan creation and integration to a multitude of third party hardware for heart rate monitoring. It is also somehow gamified, with performance goals included to help you keep motivated.

Credits to Joe Hindy of AndroidAuthority for inspiring this post.