Best Android Phones, Apps and Tablets

Best Android Phones, Apps and Tablets

Top Grossing Android Games Today

According to, there are about 1,542,143 Android apps in the Play Store today. Approximately 35,000 new apps are added every month, although a number of low quality apps are removed by Google regularly. Of these many apps, arguably the most interesting and most loved category of them all are Android Games. After all, almost everyone needs to unwind every once and a while, and with mobile devices being increasingly indispensable nowadays, these form factors are becoming the gaming platform of choice for most individuals.

So to further fuel this “revolution”, we list here today’s top grossing Android Games, just in case you want to let into the fun. Enjoy!


Clash of Clans

The new worldwide phenomenon, Clash of Clans is taking center stage fast, as is evident from Liam Neeson’s faux addiction with the game in a recent ad campaign. Not entirely new, Clash of Clans has been around for quite some time, although it has recently increased in popularity due mostly of its improved PVP feature that allows users to battle millions of other players worldwide by creating or joining clans. The previous top grossing game from Zynga’s poker game which can be played most on online gaming site like MansionCasino or the glory days of Candy Crush Saga have been skipped by CoC on the global rankings.

Gameplay is simple. You raise your own army, build and protect your own city, be strong enough to raid other villages, and eventually, join or create a clan from scratch and battle other players online. It is a rather challenging take on a tycoon/strategy game that is great for killing time. And barbarians too.


Clash of Kings

Wanting to ride on Clash of Clan’s surge in popularity, the guys at Elex, the developer of Clash of Kings, developed a game that is, in almost all respects, the same as the one created by Supercell.

Also free to play, but with in-app purchases, Clash of Kings is a multiplayer online PVP game that places you in the center of an empire to empire wargame, with possibility to build and design your own empire just like SimCity. Or at least that is what’s said on the game’s description.

Will this catch on and continue in popularity? Probably not. But at least it’s free.


Summoners War

Boasting 3D graphics and and a turn-based RPG style gameplay, Summoners War was built by Com2uS and seems to be a simple and fun game. It allows gamers to choose their own game monster, level them up by fighting other monsters, and eventually transform from a weak 1-star monster into a 6-star monster through power-ups, evolutions and skill power-ups. There are over 400 monsters to choose from, all with different attributes ranging from Fire, Water, Wind, Light & Dark.

The game is also free to play but features in-app purchases just like the two mentioned above. Other things you can do within the game are: decorate your own village, explore dungeons, and of course, fight other players in battles.

Personally, what I remember from Summoners War is Pokemon and Digimon of years before, albeit on a different gaming platform. If you’re yearning for such gaming experience, I think this one’s worth a try.


Candy Crush Saga

Ah, Candy Crush Saga. In its heyday, the game has about 6.7 million active users and prints $630,000 of cash every day. That amounts to $230 million per year. King Digital, the maker of the hit game, banked on this success to launch a US IPO that valued the company at $6 billion.

Nowadays, even with at least 180 games in its lineup, King Digital’s annual revenues are still mostly from Candy Crush Saga. And why not? Almost everyone I know has at least played this game once, with some of my friends still addicted to the game’s candy-powered puzzles. Gameplay is very simple, though not necessarily easy, making it very addicitive and frustatingly fun.