Best Android Phones, Apps and Tablets

Best Android Phones, Apps and Tablets

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 vs. iPhone 6+


The phablet form factor blends the feature-richness of the modern smartphone together with the size and battery power of a tablet to create a bigger, bolder, yet streamlined lifestyle device. Two of the most popular phablet models are the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and the iPhone 6+, and although a casual examination may indicate the devices are largely similar, several key differences in their functionality can make one far more suitable for a given user.

iPhone 6+

The iPhone 6+ features a full HD 5.1 inch screen as well as an upgraded internal processor and wider 4G LTE access for faster operation and more stable connections.

The camera of the iPhone 6+ features advanced facial detection and low light management as well as integration with the device’s gyroscope for action shots. The camera is also designed to open quickly, with the app opening in 0.8 seconds compared with the 1.5 required by that of the Galaxy Note 4. It also has a dual-LED flash as opposed to the single LED of the Galaxy Note 4.

Another central feature for the latest generation of iPhones is iOS 8, specifically the updates to Siri and integration with mobile payments service Apple Pay.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Where the iPhone 6+ is a more smartphone-focused device, the central difference in the Galaxy Note 4 is that it’s closer to a tablet. One of the main features of the Galaxy Note 4 is integration with the interactive stylus known as the S Pen, which allows for quick note-taking as well as other productivity-centered utilities. Another exclusive feature is automatic cardiovascular monitoring through its external blood pressure and blood oxygen sensors.

Another of the Galaxy Note 4’s most useful features is its noise cancellation technology that works with its audio capturing for clearer recording of lectures and meetings. It can also capture and embed images from whiteboards and projectors, saving them in a special format for easy editing and evaluation.

While it is not quite as sleek as the iPhone 6+ as 8.5mm thick compared with the 7.1mm thickness of the 6+, the added productivity-based features make it indispensable for professionals, and the the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 price at Harvey Norman has more user-level insight on this business-centric tablet.

While Samsung began the large-screen revolution, Apple’s response with the iPhone 6+ added a new challenger to the phablet marketplace. Casual users may find similar experiences with either device, but their divergent approaches make these hybrid devices completely different products.