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Featured: Siemens Launches Sirius Act[Sponsored]

G_IC03_XX_06812iA few weeks ago, Siemens launched its latest line of commanding and signalling devices dubbed Sirius Act.

Primarily meant for industrial applications, specifically in industries such as electrical, water, oil, gas & data, Sirius Act is a modular commanding and signaling system that differentiates itself from the competition through its design, ruggedness and, well, modularity. It is primarily meant for industrial applications, especially in industries such as electrical, water, oil, gas & data. This could be integrated into mobile platform for future developments that could go on to Android and iOS devices.

Users of Sirius Act have a wide selection of pushbuttons, emergency stop buttons, selectors, key switches, and acoustic and optical indicators. Sirius Act’s actuators are available in four versions or variants: (1) 22mm plastic version with black plastic front ring, (2) 22mm plastic version with metal front ring, (3) 22mm shiny metal version with metal front ring, and (4) 30mm matt metal version with metal front ring.

The actuators for front panel mounting may be combined flexibly with various rear-mounting contact & LED modules. The front of the holders features different actuators and indicators, while at the rear they provide slots for contact and LED modules.

Sufficient space is available to accommodate up to three modules side by side and two contact modules stacked. The modules are available to feature either screw terminals, spring-type terminals or solder pin connections. Sirius Act is also available as compact units in which the electrical module is permanently attached to the holder.

Easy handling is a big feature of Sirius Act thanks mainly to the actuator’s self-holding function when mounting, patented twist prevention design, and stackable contact modules. It is also highly rugged against wear and tear due to its IP69K certified protection, explosion protection modules, and reliable, friction-locked fixing via a single screw. Sirius Act is also rated to have an insanely long service life, with an expected 10×10^6 switching cycles.

A web-based configuration tool is made available by Siemens to better simplify the selection and ordering process for the Sirius Act. An auto-generated tracking number allows customers to edit their configuration anytime, anywhere without having to provide any further details. The online configurator also features options to download documentations, cross-sectional views and connection diagrams.

In a recent marketing campaign, Siemens took the creative route and launched a faux documentary of sorts to publicize Sirius Act. A set of videos available at depicts a number of actors and actresses supposedly playing alongside lead actor Sirius Act, with storylines involving an ordinary warehouse guy suddenly witnessing an alien-like invasion of Sirius ACt, an aspiring martial artist training to be as competent as Sirius Act, and a beautiful spy/thief depicting a heist to retrieve a, you guessed it, a Sirius Act pushbutton. Personally, I do not get the actual purpose of the marketing campaign which Siemens dubbed as mockumentary, especially since the target audience for a product such as Sirius Act do not actually care about such PR stunts. Nevertheless, the 1-2 minute videos are refreshingly entertaining, albet face-palm inducing.

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