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Best Android Phones, Apps and Tablets

App Review: Weedmaps


Weedmaps is an app available for both Android and iOS users aimed to help patients that use medical marijuana find dispensaries and connect with other patients through a community for social networking and resource for medical weeds.

On the community, users can learn about guidelines, find local services and provide their feedback —-as well discussion on several issues involving the use of medical marijuana.

There’s also a section for the current news involving the medical cannabis so users will be notified with up-to-date information. One of the main feature of the app is its incorporation of Google Maps where users can locate and find directions without navigating away from Weedmaps. You can even watch dispensary video tours and strain reviews on Weedmaps TV.

Currently, the apps focuses on these states of California, Washington, Michigan, Nevada, Hawaii, Maine, Montana, New Mexico, Oregon, Rhode Island, Alaska, and a few non-United States —-including Canada and across Europe. This could be one of the limitation of the app as it only feat limited locations.

In numbers, you can rely on the community of as we speak of more than 600,000 people and outstanding 760,000 reviews to guide you for deliveries, menu, reviews and deals. It has been in business since 2007 and features most dispensaries, deliveries and doctors worldwide. The app also is featured on the top 3 hottest cannabis apps of 2014.

There’s also a section in the app where you could find some information about the legalization act and other opportunities to patronize the legal use of medical marijuana.

In the end,  WeedMaps is ideal for anyone who is a medical marijuana user in the coverage states.

For those who might be thinking that this kind of application will be an avenue for users who abuses the weeds, still the user must verify that they are a medical marijuana patient during registration, so the site is only intended for this needs. And in a snap at this age of technology, anyone can create an account and said they’re a patient though still there are measures to limit these type of users.

You can check out more of the places or country where the weeds is legal and as well the laws per state for more reference.