Best Android Phones, Apps and Tablets

Best Android Phones, Apps and Tablets

Tablets and the Changing Face of the Point of Sale


The point of sale terminal is a staple in any retail store. It has been around for a long time and has slowly replaced the cash register as the place where customers go to cash out their purchases. However, with the recent rise in available technology and newly created applications, tablets are lining itself up to compete against traditional point of sale terminals. Companies have managed to notice the demand for these systems and have responded with a supply that is staggering. Although this by itself is not an alarming statement, the fact that tablets does everything that a point of sale terminal does but better than the terminal ever can leads you to believe that the days of the point of sale terminal are numbered. The benefits the tablet point of sale system brings to retail are numerous, but the most important ones are:

Remote Management of Inventory

When faced with a geographically dispersed system of stores, it can be quite harrowing to deal with inventory management. Especially if such inventory management requires the movement of an employee to the store to check on the sales and get the numbers then enter them into the inventory mapping software. It seems like far too much work for this day and age. Tablets has managed to simplify this situation by using the cloud to store data. This has the benefit of being able to update the database on the fly as a purchase happens. This removes the need for an employee to brave the distance and visit the store to confirm the inventory changes. It even allows a remote location to request inventory of a certain product if it is needed. Tablets as a labor saving appliance in this case triumphs head and shoulders above the competition.

Real Time Statistics

Sales numbers change from minute to minute. In order to have a gauge of the performance of a product of group of products, you need to consult the sales numbers and extrapolate based on what the numbers say. Unfortunately, not all of us are able to visualize numerical data spatially. That is what things like spreadsheets and pie charts were designed for. With constant connection to the cloud, sales numbers can be updated on the fly, meaning that even remote stores can weigh in on the sales numbers of a particular product and create a picture of how the stores are doing. Data processing can be done on the data to make it easy to visualize it by the managers so that they can make pertinent decisions. In addition to this, individual reports can be done easily and quickly for each store location or each product as the case may be. The possibilities are endless.

Value for Cost

An iPad costs a pittance compared with other point of sale solutions available today. This is a powerful statement seeing the kind of benefits that the iPad offers over any other integrated system makes it almost unfair for it to cost less as well. But it does. In fact, if you weigh the benefits that the iPad brings to a business in terms of how well it helps management make decisions, how easy it is to operate and the level of security it guarantees to each terminal, then it’s a wonder that not more businesses are investing in them to replace old or aging point of sale terminals. From an economic standpoint, the single best investment a company can make regarding its growth would be in invest in an iPad point of sale system because of the sheer value that you get for the money you pay.

The point of sale terminal today is definitely not what it was fifty years ago, or even ten years ago. Times have changed and so have we, adopting new technology and making it bend to our will. We have harnessed the ability of communication over great distances and coupled it with security that is reliable and hardware that is dependable to make an integrated point of sale system that is at the top of the game. For a company that needs a point of sale terminal, they can scarcely do better than the iPad. Its integrated solutions are well developed and it has a long tradition of performance before it. Tablets provides a cost effective end user solution to the problem of running a point of sale terminal. In the end what matters is performance, which tablets manage to do this in style. If you’re looking for the best way to bring your point of sale system into the twenty first century, you should look no further. The learning curve is shallow and the benefits are more than you can count. So what are you waiting for?