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Best Android Phones, Apps and Tablets

Bet-Droid App Review


Android users who enjoy sports betting should listen up: if you’re not using Bet-Droid for your online trading, then you’re missing out. While there are certainly a host of positives to trading via your desktop or laptop computer, it’s now infinitely more profitable to do it via you mobile device.

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A successful trading strategy includes two key aspects: speed and timing. In order to back and lay propositions at the optimal prices, you need to be constantly connected to the market. Because Betfair’s odds are constantly changing, you need a way to have instant access to them in order to make the most money possible. Of course, you could carry your laptop around all day and stay connected to the internet, but that’s obviously highly impractical. Fortunately, you’re Android device is a perfect alternative and can give you direct access to the sports betting world within seconds.

This is where Bet-Droid comes into its own. Using your phone’s touch screen interface, you can scroll through various markets, place bets and cashout your winnings with a few swipes of your screen. Moreover, because the app is free and specifically designed for Android devices, the interface is fully optimised for easy use and a quick overview of the market. Therefore, wherever you are, whenever you want to place a trade, Bet-Droid has you covered.

To give you more of an insight into features this app contains, let’s break it down:

  • ‘What if’ results displayed on bet entry – This feature is great for novice punters because it lets them see how much they stand to make on each trade.
  • Betfair selection graphs – Because the trading world is full of information it can be tough to keep track of it all. Fortunately, Bet-Droid allows you to plot various graphs and obtain a quick overview of important stats so you can make informed trades ever faster.
  • Market Ladder interface – For those that want a more in-depth breakdown of the trading market, this feature gives you specific insights into each aspect of a fixture, from previous form, price history and historical odds.
  • Market Dutcher – this feature allows serious punters to back multiple selections in a single market for a fixed stake using a single click operation.
  • One Click Betting – With a single touch of your screen you can Lay the Field and Fill or Kill.

If you’re a fan of Betfair’s trading market and want to stay connected to it at all times, then you need Bet-Droid. Not only is it free to use, it’s fully optimised interface is designed to make trading as simple and profitable as possible for all Android users, regardless of their skill level.