Best Android Phones, Apps and Tablets

Best Android Phones, Apps and Tablets

Cool mobile innovations at your fingertips

Smartphones have evolved so much in the past few years that they can practically run your entire day for you. The fast pace of these advancements has meant that that not everyone has kept up – especially in the office. But these innovations don’t just bring us entertainment or help us kill especially boring time, they actually make our work day simpler and more efficient as well.


Office solution apps are pretty big right now, which is good news for managers as they save both time and money. For a list of office app-compatible devices, browse through accredited retailers like Cartridges Direct. Here are some of the office application features that will soothe your nine-to-five mood:

Edit documents on the go

Google Apps like Gmail and Drive have become ubiquitous across smartphones – and for good reason. These apps allow you to check emails or edit shared documents on your phone and tablet in real time. Rushing back to the office is a thing of the past now that you never have to miss another urgent deadline again. Other apps that allow you to create, edit and save docs include Office Mobile or Quickoffice. You can finish editing that brief on your way to work and send in reports before you even clock on!

Scan anywhere

You can also use your smartphone as a scanner. With a scanner app, you can import various office documents into your phone by converting photos into PDFs. Some also have a batch mode feature which allows you to flip through seemingly-endless docs and take photos of each page, which are then auto-cropped and saved into one file.

Cloud control

Wireless mobile control gives you access to office gadgets when you’re not around. One cool example of wireless control is mobile printing. Most office solution providers have embraced this technology, for instance HP, which recently released its own mobile application that anyone can install, and is compatible with most of their modern line of printers. The HP ePrint app offers unconstrained mobility allowing you to print from pretty much anywhere. With the Cloud and any other online data storage, you can also use wireless control to easily share documents, photos and other content between devices.

Impress your office with unrivalled efficiency and productivity! Browse these and more handy office apps in the Play Store.