Best Android Phones, Apps and Tablets

Best Android Phones, Apps and Tablets

Secunia PSI – The Ultimate Safety Software For Your Android Smartphone

It seems that lately the whole idea of shopping online, surfing the internet or banking has been transferred from the computer to the personal smartphones. This means that people need extra security for all these operations, especially if they are done on the Android platforms. The Secunia Personal Software is the ideal solution that will identify all the vulnerabilities that a third party program could pose to your phone.


The whole idea behind the software is easy to grasp. The user installs it and the software will identify the programs which will need a security update so that your device is completely safeguarded. The apps that are scanned are either from Google Play or from various external sources. The user receives an alert regarding the vulnerabilities and the security updates. The excellent thing about Secunia PSI is that you can use it as a validation mechanism that will ensure that all the updates regarding security are done in a swift manner.

The top major features of Secunia PSI:

Scanning apps – All apps are scanned and checked for any malware. It does not matter where you downloaded them and what security protocol they have.

Quick updates – There is no need to wait a lot for security updates. Secunia PSI will perform them really fast. This is a sure stamp that everything will function normally on your computer. This is important as most of the programs have an automatic update functionality.

Easily integrated with Secunia CSI 7.0 – The scanning program will integrate perfectly in the Secunia CSI. This will help the IT team to have a complete overview of all the Android devices and of their security status.
BOYD security – This feature will ensure that the smartphones of the employees are visible as the log into the company network. It is important to know this in order to improve security.

Secunia PSI is an excellent tool for both corporate and individual users, just like Secunia´s patch management system, which is maybe their most popular software.