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Best Android Phones, Apps and Tablets

Android L proves 36-percent better battery life

 The mystery L which seemed to be the “Lollipop” as the new Android version is said to be Google’s biggest update to its mobile operating system. You can expect great design, performance improvements and new innovative features. And it seemed the search giant’s work on working with Android efficiency and optimization with reported 36-percent improvement on battery life with Android L.

Thanks to Google’s specific projects on improving Android —-with Project Butter(Jelly Bean) that focuses on the smoothness of the UI, Project Svelte(KitKat) that made Android more efficient in lower-end devices and now Project Volta, which improves battery efficiency.

Ars Technica have just tested Android L’s battery performance and they’re ecstatic on getting a 36-percent battery life efficiency. And if you’re asking how accurate the testing they did? Ars tested both Android L and Android 4.4.4 on same Nexus 5 smartphone so there will be no difference on the hardware —-for the battery per se and screen brightness is also set accurately to 200 cd/m2, which was verified by a colorimeter. The test run with leaving the display on and loading a website every 15 seconds (over WiFi) until the device finally shut off.

Android L Battery Life

This is just one of the latest feat Android L that have improved which we can expect to be better when the it became official. We didn’t see highlights on this matter, but Project Volta on the background managed to get significant battery life efficiency. According to specs, Android L with Volta is said to add an extra 90 minutes battery life. Furthermore, Android is also now using ART instead of Dalvik, which is known for offering better power efficiency.

This could be just the tip of the iceberg for Android L and as long all apps will be built optimized for this platform, we can expect even greater battery efficiency in the future for Android devices.