Best Android Phones, Apps and Tablets

Best Android Phones, Apps and Tablets

The top 5 strategy games for Android

It seems that smartphones are taking over the world nowadays – approximately seven in ten of us now has access to one, and they’re providing us with the potential to do more than we ever thought possible. While some might say that we wish the day away with our smartphone usage, they can be beneficial to us, in particular strategy games, which help to improve cognitive functions such as memory.

If you want to give your brain a workout with your Android, check out our five favorite strategy games.

Plague Inc


Everybody loves the opportunity to play God, and no game gives us a better opportunity to do that than Plague. The game allows the user to take over the world by creating a disease to wipe out the entire planet – sounds easy enough, but there are a number of factors to consider, including symptoms, transition rate and immunity. Worse still, there’s the challenge of medical advances to overcome – can you infect the whole world before time runs out?

Gaming Club


Studies have shown that card and casino games can help to improve our memory and quick thinking skills, and with the visual stimulation of games like break da bank megaspin slots giving our minds the chance to act instantly while situations constantly change, they certainly give our brains a workout.

First Strike


Available on Google Play, First Strike puts the user into nuclear war mode. With a nuclear Armageddon on the horizon, players can choose which country they would like to be in order to initiate war. Players can build weapons, destroy entire countries or choose to save the world, all at the touch of a button.

Throne Rush


The ultimate in geeky Android games and largely billed as ‘the most epic Android game ever,’ Throne Rush allows the user to lay siege to castle and lead a clan of loyal knights into battle. By building your own communities, you can soon establish an army to take over any land which may catch your eye, in a Clash of Clans style battle.

Strikefleet Omega


This one’s a strategy game that takes you into outer space – in Strikefleet Omega, you are the leader of a small fleet of capital ships and it’s up to you to command your fighter squadrons to fend off repeated enemy attacks. Packed with RTS and tower defense elements, this intense strategy game takes battling to a whole new level.