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Best Android Phones, Apps and Tablets

Could it be Android’s new logo?

Android New Logo

Android’s current logo has been around since the platform has existed and after its 5 1/2 years momentous mobile saga  the operating system’s logo seemed to be updated in the previous T-Mobile G1’s commercial release.

In a tweet by @upleaks, the video below which is the alleged 17-second boot animation for LG‘s upcoming G Watch showcase the norm for Android devices however, there’s a surprise in the end of the animation, it’s not the usual styling of the Android moniker, an all-new Android word mark appears.

Interestingly, it’s a much lighter lowercase word “android” that came out which is out of its current robotic-futuristic styling. The only question might be whether if it’s real and if it’ll replace the current logo across all android branding moving forward?

How do you feel about the new design of Android logo(if it’s real)? Would you like to replace the symbolic green robot or just keep it as it is? Let us know you thoughts in the comment below.