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Android App Review: E-Cig

Ever since the introduction of e-cigs, quitters of smoking have had something to smile about. The technology did not stop there as app developers started designing applications that complement the electronic cigarettes. With the different applications and devices, the process of quitting nicotine has been made less of a torture. With full commitment and self-discipline nicotine users can easily manage the process.

One of the most common applications is “e-cig”. The app is available on the Android platform for download. Just like any other electronic cigarette application, “e-cig” is an application for smokers attempting quit smoking. In this review of the application, you’ll get to learn more about “e-cig” and how it works.

E-Cig App

What does “e-cig” do?

The application is designed in such a way that it helps to calculate the length and the number of turns of the resistors for e-cigarettes. All this is done in accordance to the resistance value and the material. In order for the app to successfully perform its duties, it is divided into two sections including:

  • Calculation parameters
  • List of shops

These two sections work hand in hand to deliver. The calculation parameters just as the name suggest helps in the calculation of:

  • Watt
  • Ohm
  • Volt
  • The length and number of coils resistance – by simply choosing one of the many available models already preloaded and then set the value of ohms of resistance, you get a chance to look at its length and the number of turns for a specified value of the diameter of the mesh.

On the other hand, the list of shopping section is designed to help with the collection of the sale of e-cig. There are a number of stores available each one of them containing its own data sheet in relation to contact information, and web addresses. You also get a chance to learn about all the latest promos available.

App details

As from 11th April, 2014 a new update of the application was made available to consumers. The current version of the update is available in version 1.1 and can be downloaded here. The application is available on Android 2.3.3 and the latter versions. It is just 9.7 Mb and has a content rating for everyone.