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LG’s waterproof G Watch to be official on May 27th

LG G Watch

It’s the year of smartwatch and to even build the right hype for its G Watch, LG have just outed a teaser video of its flagship Android Wear wearable device.

Primarily, the smartwatch could be be debuted as an accessories like the Galaxy Gear with Note 3 with same gonna go with LG’s G Watch and G3, though it should work for any Android phone or tablet.

And now if LG is teasing this “timeless” and waterproof smartwatch it could mean just one thing, it’s on its way. And we can speculate that it could become official later this month on LG’s May 27th event.

Here’s the full teaser video and it seems that LG made this video to only to let you know that there’s a G Watch while saving every details on it official debut.

Fortunately, you can visually identify its metal body and that it’s waterproof, not to mention that it’s claimed to be a “timeless” piece —-looks like a direct competition for MOTO 360. It also show off few of its Android Wear features like weather updates, upcoming flights, Calendar, Gmail etc. through Google Now engine as informative notifications from the device.

There are still no words for the pricing and release dates but stay up on May 27th as it may came with LG G3’s official debut in London.

Source:  LG