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Samsung Galaxy S5 Teardown

Here we go again, those firms never missed to get their hands as early as possible to get some of the most popular gadgets once they hit the shelves –just to dissect its internals to test if it can be repair easily while others just want to know the cost and quality of its parts. iFixit is known to do a teardown for repair purpose and just today another teardown shown up to reveal the costs to build the Galaxy S5.

Galaxy S5 Teardown

Note that these are just mere estimates, but IHS is a dedicated research firm that has been known for quite awhile now to do these quick dissection to check the associated bill of materials(BOM) and estimates the cost of each parts.

The firm reveals the BOM for the S5 to cost around $256 to build the smartphone in which within the cost trend for flagship smartphone. And interestingly, this unit alone is sold for about $600 off-contract, but take note of the distribution, software and marketing costs are not included in the cost estimate.

Some of the most notable parts would be the display which is the most expensive at $63, inhouse DRAM and Flash memory is just $33 and fingerprint sensor at just $4 with the biosensor for health data cost $1.45.

Source: Recode