Best Android Phones, Apps and Tablets

Best Android Phones, Apps and Tablets

8 Android Apps For Social Workers

Keeping on top of your daily duties as a social worker or social work student is tough. Learning all you can about people, behavior, and social work laws (and remembering it all) is even more difficult. But in today’s gadget-based world, productivity and education have never been easier.

Are you ready to put yourself on the path toward success as a social worker? Consider these Android apps that can help you out.

Social Work Companion


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Do you have a tough time staying up-to-date with work-related news? Now you can get your updates on the go with the Social Work Companion app. This application delivers social work news and references to theories, laws, and practices. The app also offers access to job openings, local resources, and more, delivering a variety of work-related resources in one place.

The Savvy Social Worker


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Designed to keep you in-the-know on all the latest social work news, The Savvy Social Worker app is helpful for social workers and students alike. Are you working on your Masters in Social Administration? This app gives you quick access to current news for papers and projects without having to search the Internet for updates. Are you already out in the field? Stay up-to-date on the best practices and other social work news. Plus, the app lets you organize news coverage and subscribe to your favorite news channels.

EMS Pocket Drug Guide


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When you’re out in the field, understanding various drugs and their side-effects is crucial, since many of your clients will use drugs (prescribed and illegal). Not only does the EMS Pocket Drug Guide app act as a quick reference, but you can use it as a learning tool to better understand medical terminology and drug effects. As a social worker, you’ll find this knowledge useful as you approach cases in which drugs are involved.



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Evernote is a simple productivity app that allows you to create and organize notes. No more carrying around notebooks so that you can take notes on clients or organize your tasks. With Evernote, you can create text, audio, photo, or screen-shot notes. Even create hand-written memos. Organize each note with searchable tags and categories, and then sync your documents across all your devices. You can even share your notes with other people on your team, giving you more time to worry about your clients and less time futzing with organizing files.

Cultural Competency for BHS


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Designed for behavioral health professionals, the Cultural Competency app can also benefit social workers. This app is useful when working with clients who come from a culture you’re unfamiliar with. With it, you can search various cultures and boost your cultural competency, helping you connect and relate better to various clients.

SAMHSA Disaster App


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Working with individuals who have been through a disaster is often tough. With the SAMHSA Disaster App, you can provide evidence-based support for individuals with behavioral health issues after a disaster. You’ll gain access to resources, be able to locate nearby treatment facilities, and share information with colleagues and survivors for free.

Child Development Milestones


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Social workers often work with children, but understanding different children in various age groups is tough. What are they capable of? What social cues do they understand? The Child Development Milestones app offers a quick reference to where children in different age groups are in their development. You’ll gain access to information detailing normal physical development as well as developmental concerns.

Basic Interviewing for SWs


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Social workers conduct a lot of interviews, whether with their clients or with people in close contact with them. It’s no secret that those interviews can sometimes go awry, but with the Basic Interviewing for SWs app you can learn how to better conduct an interview and have it run smoother. Quickly gain access to tips for different parts of the interview, and learn the steps and tips needed when conducting an interview as a social worker.

Becoming a more knowledgeable and productive social worker is well within your reach with these apps. Want more ideas? Check out these social work app options on Pinterest.