Best Android Phones, Apps and Tablets

Best Android Phones, Apps and Tablets

Keeping Your Android Devices Safe and Independent

Knowing where to hide valuables like your Android devices from smartphone to tablet at home has always been a dilemma. Potential intruders know they can find a wall safe in a cupboard, under the floorboards or behind a picture or cabinet. It isn’t so difficult to extract a complete safe and take it away to open later.


Electric Sockets Offer More Than Electricity

Have you ever thought of hiding valuables inside an electric socket? This is the new idea for home safes using Arduino technology. An average room in an average home can have four to six wall sockets at least, with dozens all over a house or flat. Any intruder hoping to find a cache to steal easily will not be aware that anything may be stashed behind a socket, let along which one to look inside or how to open it. He certainly will not have enough time to prise open all of them.

Make Sure It’s a Dummy Socket

The first lesson is to build a dummy wall socket. It would be extremely dangerous to build a safe behind a live socket. The circuit consists of a standard three-pin plug inserted into the dummy socket and connected at the other end of an Arduino board. The Arduino is connected to the USB port on your laptop or PC. All you have to do is to upload the correct codes that are able to access the Arduino’s Serial Monitor. Enter “O” for opening the safe and “C” for closing it.

Inaccessible Location

Of course, you have to install the dummy socket is a reasonably inaccessible place in case some visitor thinks it is a genuine socket and tries to recharge a smartphone with it. Design is also crucial. You need to ensure that hinges on the socket are hidden so that it does not look like a mini-door and advertise the fact that something could be hidden behind it. Otherwise, all the components of this safe are easy to come by. It’s not difficult to buy an Arduino Uno online or in an electronics store. The socket can be found almost anywhere.

Remote Controls as Make-up

You may have thought that the TV remote control was one of the comforts of life, especially if you combine it to switch on or dim the room lights, open the fridge and control the central heating. How about wearing a TV remote as make-up?

Smart Eyelashes

Remote controls can be incorporated into false eyelashes or eyeliner and even fake nails. The Arduino microprocessor is worn around the neck, and that is the device that communicates with any light switches, a TV, fridges, the heating or a cooker. In fact, the system can be arranged in any appliance where an electronic on/off system can be fitted.

Help for the Disabled

This advance in Arduino technology is ideal for disabled people, such as paraplegics or quadriplegics who would like an element of independence in their lives. The next step is to make the Arduino comfortable and wearable in a discreet manner.

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