Best Android Phones, Apps and Tablets

Best Android Phones, Apps and Tablets

Futuristic Benefits of Having Android Wear Power Smartwatches

Ever imagine having your own Jarvis that you can command by way of voice control? The birth of Google Glass has given Ironman’s best buddy a run for its money. But, it doesn’t stop there.

If you think that the plethora of smartphones and mobile applications has already reached its pinnacle, it’s time to realize that we have barely scratched the surface of an endless possibility called mobile technology.

Android continues to traverse multiple platforms. Wondering what’s up in Google’s sleeve? Android is coming to your wrists according to the latest Android News and Updates – watches, to be more specific. Here’s a quick rundown of how Android Wear can be a game changer in the very distant future.


Information access in 3…2…1…

Just right where and when you need it, information will come to you real-time through Android Wear. Receive by the minute social media updates, chat alert, shopping sale, news and notifications from your digital life.

 Reading and responding to SMS via voice control

There will come a time that an average person can go out of his house without his smartphone, and not freak out. A smartwatch powered by Android Wear will now allow users to access notifications and respond to these using voice or swipe gestures.

Unless you are born with sonic eyes, it is impossible for you to respond to the incoming messages by typing on a tiny screen. This is where Android Wear is deemed heaven-sent. Just say “Reply. I will be there in 15 minutes.” How awesome is that?!

The “OK Google” superhero-like factor

Just say the magic words and your garage door will open! No kidding. With Android Wear around, traditional appliances can now connect with your smartphone.

“OK Google. Activate smoke detectors.” And, you have your smoke detectors alerted. “OK Google. Start the car.” And, you have your engine up and running.

Having trouble calling a cab in the midst of rainstorm? “OK Google. Call a cab.” The job is done without pulling your smartphone out of your pocket.

Realized that you need to make this last minute reservation for your wedding anniversary while driving home? Your wish is Android Wear’s command. Consider it done with “OK Google” factor.

On-the-go personal fitness trainer

We pay serious dollars for fitness and lifestyle coaches’ time and services. Their availability is normally limited. But, this smartwatch can monitor your calorie-intake, exercise goals, weight loss progress and fitness summaries 24/7/365.

“Scannable” Tickets

You are rushing to catch your flight and you forgot your boarding pass inside your pocket or bag. Smartwatch, through Android Wear, will save your day by flashing the QR code.

Phone Finder

Your habit of losing your smartphone has become a way of life. Android Wear will now come to your rescue and not only locate your lost phone, it can also initiate screen locks and security features within a few clicks or our new favorite – voice control.

Android is progressing at a record pace across multiple devices. Can Apple’s iOS still catch up? Do you find voice control and notifications at your wrist cool? Share us your techie thoughts and let’s feast over the future of Android Wear technology.

Image Credit: Moto360.