Best Android Phones, Apps and Tablets

Best Android Phones, Apps and Tablets

Best Android App Categories

It’s very easy to become over-faced with the Google Play store. The giant app-based supermarket has over one million downloads to choose from ranging from games, to photography, to even, well, supermarkets, but knowing what to download can be tricky.


We use our smartphones for so much nowadays but in which areas should we focus more. The top 10 clearly show a sway towards social elements, entertainment, lifestyle, and music all help lead the way. We take a closer look at some categories that must feature on your Android device.



Of course the chance to wind down and switch off after a hard day’s work is vital, and more and more people turn to the smartphone to do it. Whether that be watching catch-up television, playing free casino no deposit games on the train ride home, or of course editing your friends’ faces to look like a house of mirrors, there are tens of thousands to keep you occupied.

And it’s usually the simple games which cause the biggest frenzy. The likes of Angry Birds has become a worldwide phenomenon, whilst Guess the Emoji is currently making headway as the top free app in the whole store.


Life can’t always be fun and games however, and the Google Play store is becoming more and more succinct to that. Lifestyle apps are the third most popular in the store with over 70,000 free-to-download apps.

You can purchase goods, find your local coffee shop, and even date using apps, organising your life neatly into one Samsung Galaxy shaped device that sits neatly in your pocket.

Food apps are more often than not the most popular. There are a variety of downloads, brought to you by top chefs from across the globe, sending you gourmet recipes, so you can pick up your date and make her a delightful meal, all from the tap of a few apps. And if you don’t fancy that, there’s always Tinder.


The beauty of any tablet or smartphone is that whether you’re young or old there’s still plenty to learn from. For the toddlers there’s Mickey’s Paint and Play!, for the teenagers there’s a host of driving theory test guides, and for the adults there’s everything from learning about space with the NASA app to testing your foreign languages with Babbel’s line of exercises.

The ability to broaden your knowledge has made Education a major player in app stores, and with Google Play not just an app-based supermarket, but also seemingly a virtual library, that is likely to continue for many years to come.