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CoolStream Portable Bluetooth Speaker Review

I have a confession to make: I’ve always wanted to buy a portable Bluetooth speaker. I find the gadget nifty and a great addition to any tech-lover’s repertoire. It will also be a great accessory to my smartphone, enabling me to play and share music seamlessly and wirelessly everywhere.

The catch? They were always too expensive for me. Quite ironic, I know, considering the many different other gadgets I have that are far too expensive than most mainstream Bluetooth speakers. But hey, maybe I’m just not that much of a music lover to begin with.

CoolStream Portable Bluetooth Speaker Review

Then came the time when I had to review the CoolStream Portable Bluetooth Speaker. Priced at a rather affordable price of $49.99, I found it interesting enough to consider buying. Will this be the right Bluetooth speaker for me? Will I finally have one after all those years? We find out in this review.

Product Specifications

First, we take a look at the speaker’s spec sheet:


Stereo, 2 speakers, 3 Watts


570 grams


185mm x 78mm x 100mm

Driver Unit


Frequency Response

80Hz to 20kHz


4 Ohms

Operating Range

30 feet max

Operating Temperature

15F to 100F

Memory Card Slot



USB 2.0


Similar to the other CoolStream products we’ve reviewed before (the CoolStream Bluetooth Stereo Headphones and Bluetooth Music Receiver), this baby boasts of Bluetooth V2.1 with Enhanced Data Rate (EDR) for faster data transfers between your device and the speaker. In actual use, this translates to continuous and seamless music streaming. Four Bluetooth profiles are supported by the device, as is the case with the two other products we’ve reviewed. Charging time is at 2 hours, and music playback is up to 4 hours non-stop when charged fully. Personally though, I hope they’ve opted for a bigger battery for this one, as the speaker only ships with a 1000mAh lithium polymer battery.

Control options of the Bluetooth speaker is readily available on top of the device. The top panel has buttons for pause/play and previous/next, although disappointingly there is no option for shuffle mode and I’m also looking for embossed sign for play or volume for me to press the buttons without looking at it. Good thing you can shuffle songs on most music-playing apps today, so this should be a very minor issue.

Able to fit the palm of your hand, one of the biggest selling points of this Bluetooth speaker is its portability. However, you should not let its size fool you, as 2, 3-Watt speakers of this Bluetooth speaker promises pretty powerful bass and clear mids and highs. But, when we tested it through our compatible Android devices via Bluetooth streaming, noise are considerably audible, specially when you listen closely in the speaker. But when sources are from wired or from memory stick/card that’s when the clarity and sounds are in utmost quality.

It also comes with a built-in microphone that doubles the usability of the device as a hands-free speaker, pretty nice especially when you want to use it for long conference or personal calls either at home or on the road.

CoolStream Portable Bluetooth Speaker Review
Playing via USB device

If you do not wish to leverage the Bluetooth capabilities of the speaker, then you’re in luck as it also has input ports for a USB device or SD card. There is also the old school analog 3.5mm jack which you can use for added connectivity options. That we mentioned above that sound quality through these options are really great, and I managed to record 8 hours and 20 minutes of casual listening in two days for a single full charge from a USB device. The portable speaker managed 4 hours straight on the first day and 2-hour, 2-hour-20mins on the second day before it dies out. Considerably, it doubles out its rated battery life via Bluetooth. Please note that I tested it in a room, with variable volume and via USB device.

Final Thoughts

Using the CoolStream Portable Bluetooth Speaker for days now, I am quite convinced about the bang for the buck of this baby. I love its portability and sound quality for casual outdoor and indoor listening. Connectivity options are great and has a decent battery life. Overall though, I am very pleased with the speaker and highly recommended!

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