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Flappy Bird generates $50,000 per day

Flappy Bird. Just by hearing the name gives me the urge to throw my phone. It gives me headache, I become frustrated and at the same time makes me want to play the game to try and beat my previous not-so-high score. But then after a couple of tries, I find myself pathetic due to the failure of even passing through the first obstacle despite my strong concentration. The ‘smack’ sound of the bird falling does not help ease the pain either.

I’m sure many people who already played the game feel the same way.  To those who still don’t know, Flappy Bird is a highly addictive game that lets you ‘fly’ the weird looking bird through pipe obstacles (looks like the pipes on Mario games) by tapping on the screen. It sounds easy but it is frustratingly difficult. It takes practice to master the physics of the game.

The game is so popular that it is reported that the game has been downloaded by 50 million people and is pulling around $50,000 per day from in-app advertisements. According to the game developer Dong Nguyen of .GEARS, he chose this style since in Japan the ad-supported free to play style is what’s currently popular. And it sure is successful! Despite the simple retro style graphics of the game, its simplicity and difficulty are its main draw points. Everybody can play it and many are proudly posting their hard earned scores in twitter and facebook.

You can check the game yourself here.