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Identifying the Rumors Surrounding the Galaxy S5

With all the glitz and glamour that CES brings to the tech world in January, sometimes what’s notable about the event are the devices that didn’t appear, rather than the ones that did. Rumors of new tablets and smartphones typically ramp up around late January every year, and this year is no exception. One device that typically gets a good amount of mentions this time of year is the Samsung Galaxy.

Samsung Galaxy S 5

Why the Samsung Galaxy S4 is often considered light years ahead of its competitors, smartphone fans can’t help but wonder what Samsung has up its sleeves when it comes to the S5, rumored to be released within the next few months. Interested in what you might find in the box when the S5 is finally released? Check out these rumors, and get yourself psyched up for its release.

The screen

The S4 has one of the best smartphone screens on the market, due in part to Samsung’s success in developing all sorts of screens. While many might think that the S5 screen can’t improve much from the S4 screen, Samsung sees differently. It’s possible that Samsung might ditch AMOLED for LCD for the S5, and go for an incredibly sharp 2K QHD display. Doing so would far cement its status as having the greatest smartphone screen on the market.

The camera

The line has been blurred recently between a camera-phone and a phone-camera. With phones like the Nokia Lumia 1020 boasting cameras that even professional photographers are jealous of, one can reasonably expect that the S5 will have a better camera than the S4. The S4’s camera is great, with 13 megapixels, but the S5 will likely have a few more megapixels for better images.

The hardware

While it’s not typical for Samsung to follow Apple’s lead, it’s rumored that the S5 will add the 64-but A7 processor, just as the iPhone 5S did. A faster processor will mean faster everything; from loading apps to using the Internet on either 4G LTE at your home or the T1 lines at your work. Expect the S5 to get a big upgrade in RAM too, which will make things even faster. Some are saying the S5 could get up to 8GB of RAM, which would be unprecedented in the smartphone world.

The battery

One area where many S4 owners hope to see a major improvement is with the battery. While it’s probably unreasonable to expect anything groundbreaking, it definitely should be expected that the S5 battery will be a step up from the S4. Some experts are saying that the new battery in the S5 could be fully charged in under two hours. As much as smartphone technology has advanced in the past few years, smartphone batteries typically haven’t kept up; barring anything significant, the S5 battery won’t be groundbreaking.

What else?

What sort of surprises will the S5 bring us? It’s reasonable to expect we could see at least one big one. Could it be a curved screen S5? Or maybe the phone will finally be all metal? Fortunately, Samsung fans won’t have to wait long as the phone is expected to be unveiled in March.

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