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Featured: The Rising Afghan Cellular Networks

Cellular networks in Afghanistan are rising in popularity as technology and stability reach the region. While the Afghan market is growing, there are still many places that must be reached in order to provide cellular service to an entire country. The Afghan cellular services available can help to bring digital service to many parts of the country that can be expanded by access to digital services.

Digital and cellular services can be organized for corporate purposes, family-owned businesses, and any NGO that wishes to operate in the region. Regardless of the purpose of the business, cellular services are perfect for keeping people connected.

Businesses that want to operate online, apply for microloans, and have the ability to even sell online can use cellular services and signals for the benefit of their business and their customers. Businesses can also use the digital services they are receiving to offer free wifi connections to those who live in their village or on their block.

The ability to operate globally can bring businesses in Afghanistan to the forefront of global markets. Families can take a small business that has been passed down through the generations and market it online. Not only can a family business that is hundreds of years old reach a whole new set of followers and customers, but that family business can share its heritage and traditions with the world.

Digital accessibility also allows the people in the area to participate in the marketing of businesses that they have patronized for many years. When the local citizens are able to recommend and promote their favorite local businesses, the connection between the world and the economy of Afghanistan grows stronger.

When the community is wired for digital access, there are many more opportunities that open up to the masses. While the countryside is filled with farms and agriculture, those farms can find much wider markets for their products than where they have sold in the past. Also, digital services allow people that are in the countryside to communicate with people in the cities. Closing the gap between the different regions of the country allows for the entire nation to prosper.

News travels much more quickly when it is being sent over wireless airwaves, and the country of Afghanistan is ripe for a cultural and technological explosion the likes of which they have not yet seen. Connecting the city to the country, family businesses to the global marketplace, and allowing for locals to communicate the news in their village to the world can all be done through wireless networks in the cities and villages of Afghanistan.

The Afghan wireless cellular network allows people who have not been connected outside of their village an opportunity to connect with the world and their relatives in the cities. While pulling the nation together, digital technology gives people a chance to make their dreams a reality. Putting up cellular networks offers income streams to businesses, connects people, and makes the nation more accessible to further outside business expansion.