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Samsung’s Galaxy Note 3 tops 10 million sales in just two months

Samsung is lowering its smartphone sales target for 2014, according to reports earlier this week in Korea. The Korean based OEM started to see sales of its flagship Samsung Galaxy S4 drop below forecasts a few weeks ago however, this is in contrary with the latest milestone the Galaxy Note 3 had just posted with staggering 10 million sales in just two months.

Galaxy Note 3

So far the Note 3 will be the most successful in the Note lineup which can be easily fared with GS2 that took 4 months to have that number and almost near Galaxy S 4’s pace with 50 days to hit same sales milestone.

Notably, the Note 3 is available in 58 countries but Samsung pinpoint the Chinese market as a stronghold for the Note 3 sales due to massively admired S Pen and addition of new color variants in that market.

Samsung is expecting a downtrend on its smartphone sales and lowering its target to around 8-percent which accounts to 360 million to 330 million. Let us see if the Galaxy S and Note lineup can beat the trend set by the company itself.

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