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Nexus 8 tablet surfaced on Google’s KitKat promo site?

Nexus 8

It was an ordinary day browsing on one of Google’s promotional site for its latest Android operating system called KitKat, then apparently you noticed this tablet which you can’t distinguish –then you think of the possible another flagship device to run KitKat. And you can only think of Nexus 8, Google’s upcoming tablet to feature the latest Android OS.

Apps and Entertainment section of the promo site that was recently updated to pave the way for the launch of the Nexus 5 smartphone shows an image of a woman tapping what could be Google’s Nexus 8 tablet. Looking closely on the image, it’s significantly thinner and smaller which you can easily relate to an 8-incher tablet.

Based from the company’s recent ‘own’ leaks, if you can remember the Nexus 5 was prematurely revealed from a video to promote the announcement for Android KitKat. Then, that video was immediately pulled out after the smartphone was spotted.

Now if this is not coincident, wait no longer as Nexus 8 could be on its way to be announced as official next-generation tablet from Google to run KitKat.

Image from Google.