Best Android Phones, Apps and Tablets

Best Android Phones, Apps and Tablets

Sponsored Video: Metlife’s Free Android Apps

There are big changes going on at MetLife, one of the world’s largest global providers of insurance and employee benefits. After investing millions in technology infrastructure – including a new campus in the Research Triangle – they’re released the above video, a call for applicants: Metlife is now hiring over a thousand developers, engineers, and project managers from diverse backgrounds to better serve their over 90 million customers across the globe.

The Fortune 50 behemoth touts the excitement of a start-up culture with the stability and scale to give applicants of all ages and backgrounds the opportunity to experience working on dynamic, high-performing teams to jumpstart and develop their careers in tech. What products do these teams produce? you might ask. MetLife has a track record of building a number of useful free Android apps available to download in the Google Play Store. Here we cover a handful of them, and how they could be beneficial to you.

MetLife Infinity


Do you want to leave some sort of memorabilia for your loved ones should anything bad happens to you? MetLife Infinity allows users to create and design a digital legacy that can be shared with your loved ones. With the app, anyone can instantly create collections as well as upload photos, videos and documents that then can be shared with friends instantaneously or in the future.

The app provides users with three delivery schedule options to choose from: (1) Release Today, (2) Specify a Date and (3) Account Inactive. Release Today enables your collection to be released immediately, without waiting for any future inputs from the user. Specify a Date, on the other hand, allows your MetLife Infinity Account to share your collection on a specified date and time, while at the same time enabling the user to edit/update his/her collection until its scheduled release date. Lastly, the Account Inactive option allows the release of your collection once your account is flagged as inactive. Using such option needs a separate trusted delegate that flags your account as inactive. After doing so, the app then releases all scheduled collections to their respective recipients.

MetLife Pocket Pass


Are you a football fan who regularly watches the New York Giants or the New York Jets at the MetLife Stadium? Well, this app might be good news for you. The MetLife Pocket Pass allows you to win fabulous prizes such as VIP meet & greets, ticket and pregame sideline passes, and autographed football gear. More so, the app features a number of gametime challenges such as Giants/Jets Trivia, GameTime Face and Coin Toss Prediction that will surely keep you entertained before and after each games.

To be eligible for prizes, you should be (1) at least 21 years old and (2) a legal resident of New Jersey, New York or Cincinatti.

MetLife US


For MetLife customers based in the US, the MetLife US app is specificallly tailored for your needs. Similar to the MetLife Expat below, this app allows you to securely access your account at your convenience. In the app, you can report an auto accident, pay your bills and even find a dentist.

The app also has a functionality to create instant quotations for the company’s life insurance program. It can also provide you a quick overview of both your auto and home policies.

MetLife Expat

Metlife Android Apps

Do you usually travel from one country or another? If so, then you might find the MetLife Expat app very useful. For existing MetLife customers, the app enables you to securely access your account in multiple languages using your eBenefits user ID. Also an included functionality are the ability to view or email your ID card, find the local provider in your area and use GPS to reach their office as soon as possible.

This post is sponsored by Metlife. *Source:, FORTUNE 500 ® and MetLife is an Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action Employer.