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Best Android Phones, Apps and Tablets

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Gear Smartwatch Hands-on [Video]


Samsung have just released a video that showcase the features of the latest Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch. Primarily, the video sports on how to utilize the new key features of both devices and how each other integrate to perform a certain task like answering a call through the Galaxy Gear. Check out the 18 minutes Galaxy-rich video after the break.

The first hands-on video shows off some of the latest features of the Galaxy Note 3 with the new Air command that will show five functions menu just when you hover the S Pen anywhere in the screen and other cool functionality. While the Galaxy Gear smartwatch that will connect through supported Galaxy device through Bluetooth 4.0 and lets you answer calls utilizing S Voice and take photos and videos which stream it directly to your Galaxy S4 or Note 3. The watch face and other settings can be easily customized based on your preference through the Galaxy Gear app.

Now if you’re eying to have the Galaxy Note 3 but you have a tight budget, think twice before hitting the play button cause you might just got the dilemma of getting both devices instead. Apart from these cool demonstration of integration functionality, I’m getting really excited on how Apple will answer back with its iWatch to jump in the emerging market of smartwatch.