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Best Android Phones, Apps and Tablets

Moto X Review – What it is capable of?

Let’s take a look at one of the latest sought after Android smartphone today – launched by the two big names in technology industry, Motorola and Google with their flagship Moto X innovation. Say Hello!

As we recall, Motorola was acquired by Google around 2 years ago. And you must be thinking, what would that be if the power of Google and the expertise of Motorola were put together to design a smartphone?

Check out these cool features and functionalities of Moto X.

It is learning; you can control almost everything on your phone by your voice.  You can command to open an app, open your messages or make phone calls via “Touchless Control” feature. Just say “Open Google Now” prompt followed by your command and you’re good to go. It is designed to recognize only your voice. However, it needs Wi-Fi or data connection to work.

It is conscious; with its “Active Display” feature, even if phone is at sleep mode, the clock and notifications fading in and out and Google estimates timing when you will most likely to pick-up your phone to check.

moto x pulse


It responds to gestures; try to twist your phone in the air and the camera app will automatically pops-up, tap anywhere on the screen and you have your shot. This is its “Quick Capture Camera” function added to its 10 megapixels rear camera.

It is linked; you can check and reply to your messages by your Google Chrome browser or sync your phone to your TV. Similar wireless display feature with the recent Google Chromecast. It also comes with 50GB free Google Cloud drive upon purchase.

It is customized; you can choose any color you want. You can check available varieties and designs through website “Moto Maker”. You can also modify start-up screen messages or print text at the back of your phone case. Take a pick!


moto x des

Now, let’s check on the device specs. I have the tabulated info’s below for a better look.


1.7 GHz Dual Core Krait Snapdragon S4


4.7 inch AMOLED (1280x720pixels), 316ppi


Android Jellybean 4.2.2


Adreno 320


2GB RAM, 16/32 GB internal


10MP rear LED flash, 2 MP front

Dimensions and Weight

5.09in (l) x 2.75in (w) x 0.41in (t), 130g


Li-Ion 2200mAh

Specs-wise, Motorola is trading off some key specs, but looking at its features with the selling price of $199(16 GB) and $249(32GB), it is surely worth to buy.