Best Android Phones, Apps and Tablets

Best Android Phones, Apps and Tablets

Meet New Friends Nextdoor

Here’s another new and interesting apps now available for Android.

Imagine your family transfer to a new place with new faces; you might be thinking how you will start making friends. And if you’re neither that friendly nor accommodating, this one will help.  Nextdoor is a private social-networking android apps aims to connect neighbors. However, unlike social-networking site like Facebook, this is more of a utility site where you can share useful local information building strong and friendly neighborhood.

Nextdoor app


Be connected with your community and stay informed about local news and events or share updates. This is a private environment with password protected websites to secure and ensure only your neighborhood members will have the access thus making each member personal information safe.

Community Activities

Let the community involve by keeping in touch with various community activities like garage sales, fun fares and organize some fund raising events or just seek help in finding your lost pet.

Security Alerts

See any signs of emergency? You can directly contact your local authorities and spread alert messages across the neighborhood. This way you can prevent or lessen any untoward incidents into your community.

Having all the good stuffs in this app, let’s start meeting new friends “NextDoor”!