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Iron Man 3 App Review


Some of the most popular mobile applications are usually integrations like a movie-tie up, usually those big Hollywood blockbuster hits. Following suit to this trend, Iron Man 3 is the latest superhero to have a reincarnation in the, ehem, small smartphone screen. While most movie tie-ups to mobile applications have flopped, Iron Man 3 has enjoyed relative success with its surprisingly good features.

First of all, who doesn’t want to be Tony Stark aka Iron Man. The success of the movie franchise is enough to drive fans of the comic book and the film to download the game, which is free for both iOS and Android platforms. Developed by Gameloft, the Iron Man 3 app features stunning graphics to really impress players and keep them engaged. On the iPhone’s retina display, the visuals are truly one of a kind and a huge step from the last movie tie-up app, Iron Man: Arial Assault.


What’s different with this new Iron Man game from its predecessors is that it’s no longer focus on completing level by simply completing obstacles and challenges. Now, the title represents a gameplay more similar to Temple Run, although with Iron Man’s high-tech suit, it’s more flying than running on a pre-determined path. It’s this new mechanism which has allowed Gameloft to put extra focus on creating the stunning details of the game’s environ. While non-fans of runner games may not be impressed, the game still has its “battle features” against different villains or enemies. Even better is that you finally get to choose different armors when fighting the big guns at the end of each level. The game’s pretty straightforward to play, using a simple tap-to-shoot feature to take down enemies. Nevertheless, it’s this simplicity which makes it an addictive game.


Of course, the question is: what’s the reason behind the shift to make the title free to install? Like many free mobile video games, the gameplay has been designed to make it hard to progress similar to Candy Crush. While you do earn tokens or ISO-8 currencies when finishing levels, dodging obstacles, or plainly picking them up, the game encourages you to purchase them by forking out real money, which can set you back for as much as £69. And just like the aforementioned match-three game Candy Crush, restarting levels will cost you ISO-8 and some waiting time. As the game progresses, the waiting time gets longer. You can also earn cash by signing up, and completing offers – but it’s you prerogative and gaming attitude if you’re up to get push notification services in return.


Overall, the Iron Man 3 is a tremendous improvement from the previous titles. It’s fast-paced gameplay, multiple Iron Man suit choices, and good-enough story line makes it a perfect app for those on-the-go or who simply want to kill time. After all, the game is free (though the file size is quite large). But heavy gamers may have to spend quite some money in order to complete more difficult levels quickly. If you’re not too keen on shelling out a few bucks or pounds, then the offers to earn the cash instead will suit you. Another good thing, there are also an Iron Man 3 apps that you can earn while you’re playing you can download the software at

Download: Iron Man 3 App for iOS.

Download: Iron Man 3 App for Android.

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