Best Android Phones, Apps and Tablets

Best Android Phones, Apps and Tablets

CheapCast Apps for Android Devices

Recently launched a month ago, Google Chromecast dongle is very affordable with only $35, but its availability is an issue due to its overwhelming market demand, in fact, most device retailers are still sold out.


You don’t need to have this Google device anymore with this new app developed that works resembling to Chromecast. The CheapCast is a new Android app that can be used as an alternative to Google Chromecast, – it aims to emulate the Chromecast via any Android device and good thing it’s free.

 cheapcast logo

It works well in streaming music and videos with compatible applications such as Youtube and Google Music with some flaws with Netflix as this CheapCast app still at early Beta version that might not all things work correctly as the developer noted and they are surely working to fix this soon. Please take note also that CheapCast apps does not support Google Chrome browsing, thus projecting your Chrome browser into your TV screens is not possible as Chromecast can.


How to use? – just connect an Android device with an HDMI output to a HDTV then let your Android device do the navigation. Install CheapCast on your device, run the app and start the service.

You can always try and see for yourself. This is a free app and I think a worth to try.