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Best Android Phones, Apps and Tablets

The Big Gaming Debate: Android vs. Apple

So, Android or Apple? The debate of the techno-giants has been going on for what seems like centuries…

Everyone seems to be obsessed with which one is better, which one looks better and who’s copying who, but the problem is, the majority of people discussing the big ‘Android vs. Apple’ debate don’t look at the big picture, choosing to focus on smaller regions and areas, instead – and it’s these kinds of comparisons that give an unfair, dishonest view on the evaluation of the two.

Due to this, we’ve researched into past studies to collect the facts for you to see which one really is better:


Let’s begin by discussing app downloads in numbers…

So, Apple recently celebrated hitting 50 billion in app downloads – impressive, huh?

Well although it sounds remarkable from the outset, Android figures are in a whole new level completely. In fact, despite Apple reaching this big figure, the matter of the fact is that Android users are downloading an average of 500 million more apps per month…

So, why are more and more people downloading from Android? And why is the Android app community growing significantly in line with this?

Well, it’s believed that with the current advances in Android’s technology – most notably things such as the introduction of Play from Google’s app store – the popularity of Android is surging way ahead of its main competitor.

In fact, many ‘techsperts’ believe that the gap between Android and Apple is narrowing so much because of these app statistics, that if the two continue as they are, then Android will be taking over Apple by the end of the year.

Verdict? Android’s got the edge here…

Now we’ve discussed the sheer number of apps, what about the quality of apps on both devices?

So, as I’ve seen with other Apple vs. Android comparisons out there, it seems that most people eager to find a winner do so by comparing an app against each platform.

But let’s face it, trying to compare a same app on iOS and Android is difficult – and inaccurate.

After all, all apps have their pros and cons, and it doesn’t take a genius to work out that although you may be playing the same game on a different platform, it will generally give you the same experience.

The only real differences in gaming experience between the two platforms can be price, start-up speed, the time it takes to fix bugs, and the quality of the game – many of which are usually down to the device itself, or the developer.

Seems as though Apple and Android are equal on this one.

The question still exists, however; what device would you rather play your favourite games on?

We all have our favourite games that we like to play; maybe you’re an Angry Birds fan? Maybe you can’t get enough of playing the Candy Crush app? Or maybe playing on Mecca Bingo is your favourite pastime on a rainy day!

Whichever game you like, you’re going to want to play it on the best device possible.

But, that’s one thing that other reviewers tend to forget; at the end of the day, whether a platform is better than the other all boils down to one thing; personal preference.

But on general note, there are considerable differences between the two that ultimately help to influence opinion:
iOS is simple, easy and quick to navigate around – both in terms of the design, the apps and during play.

Android however offers more options and choice; for example with the app appearance, Android have the option to change the look of the app further and make apps look different from one another, as opposed to just Apple’s generic design of the square box with the curved edges. Although only a small difference, it makes a big difference to the appearance of your device! And after all you’re the one who will be looking at and using it – you need to like it and be able to navigate around it!

So, what’s the verdict?

From the outset – judging by the amount of apps downloaded and the amount of handsets owned across the world – Apple may have always had the overriding edge when it comes to the battle of the platforms.

But, times are swiftly changing – and if more and more Android apps are being downloaded each month, does this not signify that perhaps Android are now starting to edge ahead?

With their bigger catalogue of apps, their variety and choice, their quality and their attention to personal preference detail, I’m sure many of you would agree that Android are now catching up with iOS, and dare I say, starting to win?

Either way, I’ll let you be the judge, but I sure won’t be getting rid of my Android any time soon!