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Pacific Rim – Premieres at Google PlayStore

While the lovely minions of Despicable Me: Minion Rush rushing through the Play Store these past few weeks, another movie-to-game translation is heading to our android phones. Guillermo del Toro’s action/adventure/sci-fi movie Pacific Rim – android game version is now available at Play Store same week ahead of its movie release.

pacific rim


As the war between humans and gigantic sea monsters arises, live with your dreams and fight like the Jaeger pilots, driving the giant robots battling against the alien monsters called Kaiju and saving the world from the apocalypse.

In the game, you can play for survival mode or story mode.

Story or career mode allows you to train from rookie to top and play over 30 levels battling against movie-like monsters.

pacific rim levels









On the other hand, survival mode endures the endless waves of the Kaiju monsters by customizing your Jaeger and upgrading your weapons and skills.  As you dwell deeply into the game, you must get more enhancements as the monsters get stronger and tougher making them hard to defeat. Let’s see how long will you survive along with your skilled robot.

pacific rim career survival mode









Experience this thrilling action game for $4.99 at the Google Play Store.