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Despicable Me: Minion Rush; Despicable? Not Really…

Currently on top of Google play store’s free apps is Gamelofts’ Despicable Me: Minion Rush after it’s released a few weeks ago with around 50 million recorded installs. With good storyline and graphics along side with nice music and cute funny characters it’s definitely a big hit.

despicable me minion rush ver1.0

Wondering what minions really are? Minions are yellow munchkins originated from the movie series Despicable Me and with their boss hunch backed inventor Gru. With this new app, you will play as a Minion and collect as many bananas and tokens to impress your boss – super-villain Gru.

To gain the title “Minion of the Year” is to jump, dodge obstacles, fly, collect bananas, be mischievous and defeat villains on each mission. The game also consists of secret areas where you can acquire power-ups which will allow you to perform despicable acts such as the unicorn and banana splitter.

despicable me minion rush collect banana










Dress up your minions using different costumes plus the advantage of having special powers like extending your power-ups and automatically increasing banana count. You can collect as many costumes as you want as long as you have enough token to afford it.

despicable me minion rush costumes










If you end up short with tokens, you can buy and move on to the next level. However, if you don’t want to buy token using real money, you may want to watch video ads and earn 1 token for each view.  You can also earn as much as 50 tokens by connecting to Facebook. Please do note that tokens are only added on your first successful link with Facebook.

And also, for best performance, it is recommended that you have 50MB of free storage and no other apps running on the background while playing the game.

That said, grab now your android phone and together with your friends join in the despicable minion rush mania!