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Best Android Phones, Apps and Tablets

Featured: What’s up with fibre broadband?

The internet has been integral to the everyday lives of almost every human being on this planet today. From the moment we rise from our beds in the morning, until we lie down to sleep after an exhausting day, we leverage on the internet to accomplish basically everything. We get our news from the internet. We connect with friends through the internet. We call and communicate with loved ones in faraway places via the internet. And now, with the digital revolution of smartphones led by iOS and most recently, Android, we are bringing to our mobile devices our increasing dependence on the web.

As such, the demand for faster, better and more efficient means of bringing internet to our mobile devices has spiked exponentially the past few years. This demand is being addressed today through different means, most recently with technologies such as wireless (4G, LTE) and wired (fiber) broadband. To support present and future bandwidth requirements, service providers nowadays opt to setup their own fiber optic network structure because of its inherent versatility. Aside from broadband internet, cable TV, HDTV and VoIP could all be supported applications by fiber optic networks.

One of such service providers is BT. BT Group, or British Telecom, is a British multinational telco services company based in the UK. Having operations in over 170 countries, it is one of the largest telecommunications services company in the world. It is also the oldest, being established since 1846.

Being able to adapt to the increasingly changing demands of consumers is key to any company’s longevity. Thus, BT has been one of the pioneering companies in the world when it comes to fiber broadband technology. Earlier this year, they have announced plans of further extending its fiber broadband network. Costing around £2.5B, BT will be extending its coverage to include Scotland, the Midlands, North East and North West of England. Upon its completion next year, the company has extended its bt fibre broadband footprint by 1.2M premises, bringing its total to 19M. Today, the company offers a robust selection of fiber broadband options for its consumers. Its BT Infinity series, available online via its website, offers fiber optic speeds ranging from 38Mbps to 76Mbps.

What does this spell for us consumers? Well for one, initiatives of companies such as BT provide customers with a variety of options to choose from. Competition amongst them also lower the prices of their services, meaning we get the most bang for our buck should we choose wisely. For mobile users, improvements in fiber broadband technology and in telecommunication services as a whole will only lead to better user experience on our devices. With faster, better and more efficient internet, the world we live in will just continuously shrink smaller and smaller. Literally, the world will just be right at our fingertips.