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Best Android Phones, Apps and Tablets

Apple unveils iOS7, borrowing a few Android features

Apple’s new iOS7 has been revealed, with a few tweaks, borrowed ideas and new inventions…

One of the ‘new’ ideas added to iOS7 is the Control Centre, which swipes up from the bottom of the screen. Of course, while this may be new for die-hard Apple devotees, Android users have been working with something similar for a long time. But the Apple version appears to be sleeker and cleaner – less clutter, just the functions you need such as changing the brightness or turning mobile data on or off. Another addition, this time borrowed from the Windows Phone, is a Notification Centre available from the lock screen, allowing you to quickly check up on important things you may have missed.


Apple has also introduced AirDrop for the iPhone, providing a way of quickly sending pictures and files to other iOS7 users in the vicinity without having to send messages, or use password or codes. That makes it similar Samsung’s NFC ‘bump’, only without the bump. NFC technology has not been particularly popular, and it seems AirDrop (which apparently works by using supersonic tones) could be much more popular. OK, so it’s limited to iOS7 users, but that’s still a good proportion of your social group, most likely. Importantly, getting AirDrop working for mobile is likely to be a precursor to contactless mobile payments.

Of course, Apple has its own features aplenty and many of these have received a refresher with iOS7. Double-clicking the home button on previous versions of iOS brought up a small selection of multitasking apps, but iOS7 allows you to scroll through these with a horizontal swipe; throw in a vertical swipe on an app and you can close it down.

So what of Android? Obviously very little is yet known about Key Lime Pie, but those in the know are predicting a big revamp. For starters, the whole OS may well be brightened up to match the influx of colour added to Google Play. However, new rumours suggest that it may be completely slimmed down, in order to allow manufacturers to put it on cheaper handsets, giving them a foothold in emerging markets.

A beta version of iOS7 is out now for the iPhone, but the final version won’t be out until the autumn with the release of the iPhone5s/iPhone 6. Still it will likely be the time to get a good deal on an iPhone 5, so keep your eye on prices with sites like E2Save and don’t miss a potential bargain.