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Best Android Phones, Apps and Tablets

Dell’s Project Ophelia: thumb-sized Android PC coming this July

Code-named Project Ophelia, Dell has been developing an Android-powered PC the size of a USB stick that is set to ship this July for $100. It was designed to be plugged into any display’s HDMI port to run applications and access files through its Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities.

According to Jeff McNaught, Cloud Client Computing Executive Director at Dell, Ophelia is able to turn any display or screen into a PC, enabling users to download apps, movies, and TV shows from the Google Play Store. Android games can also be run through the device, as well as stream videos from Netflix. Generally, Ophelia is aimed at users who want an inexpensive alternative to tablets, PCs and gaming consoles. Dell is currently in the works on a keyboard-like technology to supplement Ophelia and augment its overall user experience.

Introduced in CES2013 last January, Dell is to demonstrate the technology at the Citrix Synergy Conference this week. “We’ve done a number of things in the software of the product and outside that will make interesting,” McNaught said. Indeed, shipping with the device is Wyse’s PocketCloud, which allows users to access files stored on PCs, servers and mobile devices.

The first few units of Ophelia will be shipping to developers who might be interested in creating apps specifically for the device. Come August, it should be available to cable companies and telecom providers who might want to bundle Ophelia along with their other offerings. The device is also available on Dell’s website in around September of this year.