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Samsung Galaxy S3 tops UK sales for the 9th times

When people talks about the upcoming Galaxy S IV, you’ll realize how the Galaxy S III gloriously pave the way for it. And that’s obviously visible for quite some times now, for the 9th record month, this January 2013, the GS3 still tops UK’s bestselling smartphones according to sales stat presented by uSwitch.

Galaxy S III

Interestingly, Samsung takes the top three spots on the bestselling mobile phones, namely: Galaxy S III, Galaxy S II and Galaxy Ace in which the 2nd-3rd position are interchangeably shared by Ace and GS2. This shows that mainstream users from UK go for Samsung, Nokia and Apple.

Now let’s see if the new Blackberry Z10 will change the layout of the sales data as it’s expected to hit the UK stores this week.

Source: Mobile News CWP