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Best Android Phones, Apps and Tablets

Is this the upcoming Galaxy S IV?

The Galaxy S III could be one of the most iconic and successful Samsung smartphone that came out of the Korean lab, that’s why we can’t blame anyone who anticipate the next generation Galaxy S IV. And while the unveiling gets near, we can expect plenty of rumors and leaks to build the right hype for the device’s debut. And what we have here now is a purported photos from Twitter with specs of supposedly Galaxy S IV. See the image after the break.


Personally, it seemed the design was too HTC-ish, and wildly the spacing of the moniker “Samsung” above was too spacious along with the mini-USB port that’s coming out on the bottom of the phone. There’s also a little discrepancy on its specs that seemed not to go along, specially when you say TouchWiz vs. NatureX and men, are you kidding with Bluetooth 5.0?

So basically, take this leak with a tons of salt and expect more to come.