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Best Android Phones, Apps and Tablets

Android OS Distribution by January 2013


Google has just released the new breakdown of Android versions and how it’s distributed to the Android devices in January 2013 alone.

The pie chart shows how Gingerbread took the biggest part of Android distribution with a total of 45.6-percent, Ice Cream Sandwich with 29-percent and Jelly Bean with total of 13.6-percent to complete the top three versions of the operating system. There’s a fractional change if you noticed, but the it seemed the Jelly been have improved by 2-percent which the OS version stole from Gingerbread which is down by those same percentage.

So far, all Android versions are in the pie chart, but interestingly going forward, hopefully we’d see Jelly Bean to improve its share as people move to smartphone trend.

Source: Google